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7 steps to improve your ads

 7 steps to improve your ads

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In this article we'll talk more about how to improve ads on social media
We're going to talk more about 7 key points of advertising.

  1. Choose the best advertising goal for you .
  2. Choose the right platform to advertise .
  3. Targeting is the king in the ad.
  4. The difference between paid and organic advertising .
  5. The process of converting customers to potential customers .
  6. Improving the bidding process in advertising .
  7. Keep going and always renew your content.improve your ads drive conversions

Before you start an article today, I would like to tell you the ad, no matter how expensive, no matter how long you have done. The ad must be innovative, inspiring and dazzling for the customer.

Choose the best advertising goal for you

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To facilitate the exchange of ideas in the search for the purpose of the ad campaign, I'll make it easier for you to get to know them

  • Traffic : We all agree that everyone should withdraw the customer to his own location in order to make a purchase or make a registration, Traffic is the main tool we use to attract customers

  • Engagement : The ad interaction of likes or comments on one of your ad publications is the most commonly used ad on social media platforms
how to increase clicks on ads
  • Lead Generation : Promoting your presence as a brand or an important name in the world of social media is very important, you may find some international brands using this type of advertising

  • Visibility : The ability to gain awareness among your customers is very important to get more purchases than before.

  • Sales :  There is no doubt that everyone who works in the field of e-commerce and specifically in the field of marketing advertising seeks sales

Choose the right platform to advertise

how to improve advertising effectiveness

Have you ever known that ads on social media have been determined by the type of platform, and no doubt you are the first time you have heard this information,
Let me explain that.

LinkedIn :  is an educational platform and the people who are in it interact with practical and educational matters more than anything else. 

Instagram : is a youth platform and many age groups between 18 and 35 years old, so we may be able to target the right age group for us, which also shares their interest and identity.

Twitter : is a platform that allows users to express what they have in mind through a tweet that everyone shares their opinions on a particular topic. 

snap-chat :  is a platform for short-lived vibes that users share their real life with their audience 

Facebook The best platform ever and this personal opinion and opinion of all marketers reason the number of users and the second element is the options available in the advertising process .how to improve advertising strategy

Targeting is the king in the ad

how to improve advertising on social media

As we say in the world of marketing that "content marketing" is the king, targeting is the king of advertising. the most important element of the reason why the ability to know your audience and potential customers is halfway to your advertising campaign 
We will talk more about the optimal targeting process for you.

When starting an ad campaign, consider:

  • interests : You need to identify things that your ad campaign has in common with your potential customers by knowing what they want, what they don't want, and many more. 

  • Behaviors :  Your client's behaviors should be known in your advertising campaign through the scientific rank named career and many.

  • demographics :  You can determine the age group you want to target, gender, age, location, and many more. advertising strategy

The more you collect information about your potential customers, the greater your chance of successful targeting    HAMZAH-AQ

The difference between paid and organic advertising

It should be noted that there are two types of ads, paid ads as we have learned before and unpaid ads that we say about organic ads 

Let's talk more about unpaid ads, which are those ads that are available by those interested in your product or your web page, and as we know that customers interested in your product may register on your website and also make posts and likes when you submit a new offer or a new ad 

So it's important to know that customers who are interested in your page and have registered for your website or store should pay attention to them because they are considered unpaid ads and may increase your sales 

The process of converting customers to potential customers

importance of advertising strategy

The process of transferring potential customers to customers to make a difficult purchase may go beyond converting customers to loyalty to your product or brand. 

Ignoring all marketers in this matter is the process of transferring customers to make a purchase or to make them permanent customers, and the reason is always the focus of all marketers on advertising more than paying attention to the customer .

No doubt everyone has the desire to sell more than anything else😋, but more importantly, would you like to sell only for a short time or for a long time? 😉

So we focused a lot on this to help you with this first. 
  1. You have to take care of the client.
  2. You should focus on the benefits of the product and why it should be obtained/purchased 
  3. Most importantly, on your website/store, don't show the page that asks him to complete the payment process because it will definitely come out. 

Improving the bidding process in advertising


advertising news india

Did you know that in social media there are offers on the ad but today we would like to tell you that the best solution is the middle if there are 3 companies offering the same ads they offer as shown in the picture   ⇩⇩

We will find that the A ad campaign will have fewer impressions than a B/C ad campaign for the target audience. 

It is always recommended to make your first advertising campaign at the lowest cost for two important reasons 
  •  To find out how much advertising costs for the upcoming ad campaign .
  •   to know your audience more and to know your competitors .

Keep going and always renew your content

One of the most important things you should always pay attention to is not to overlook your advertising campaign.

The 3 most important things you should be interested in:

Advertising - Wikipedia

  • ad copy : Always check how words affect your audience's ad text And also CALL TO ACTION .

  • Design  : In the previous ad campaign, was the photo, video or illustrations more responsive to your audience?

  • Landing page  :  Lastly, you should check your landing page to ensure your ads are successfully pushed through the funnel. There’s always a chance you could bottleneck your funnel with an insufficient landing page from your ads.

Landing Page: Is the page you want to direct customers to make a purchase, browse or subscribe              HAMZAH-AQ

In the end, I'd like to tell you that Learn your own best practices and always test to make future campaigns easier .

Good luck to everyone. advertising翻译
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