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How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

 How can I generate website traffic 

with $0 marketing budget

Step 1: Figure out your “why” → crunch the numbers to meet the goal → validate

website traffic analysis

My goal was “$1000/month in passive income” and to meet it, I decided to pursue affiliate marketing.

I would sell books and make a commission for each one I sold.

Validating which books to promote/sell is tricky. To choose the best books to sell for my affiliate income, I used two methods:

Method 1) Using a tool called NerdyData, I could see a list of other affiliate marketers promoting the product I was targeting. I would then look for the affiliate marketers who pay to promote (e.g. banner ads) the affiliate traffic

By searching for the banner’s web archives, I could see how long the banner ads were up. If the banner ads are up for a few months, it must be selling enough to justify the banner ad costs.

Method 2) I would tell my friends about the product, and for the friends who were interested, I’d send them the affiliate link. Imade 3 sales by doing this, which was enough to validate.

Once it was validated, I spent the time to build a website and drive traffic to it.

Step 2: Build a content log and streamline SEO, email collection and your promotion process.


website traffic checker

To sell my affiliate book products, I created a site that would provide short book summaries and reviews. There were four parts to it:

Part 1: Content Creation

I wanted to publish content everyday to promote his affiliate books. To do so, I set a limit for each article to <1000 words  

website traffic free check

Since I was creating a piece of content each day (30/month), I started to rank for certain keywords by using Google’s Keyword Planner. I would then add targeted keywords into my content headlines.
Part 2: SEO

website traffic google analytics

Part 3: Email Collection

I was now creating a bunch of content, and several of the content pieces started to rank in the first page of google on popular keywords. I started to see quite a bit of traffic going to my website.

I would make the most of the website visitors by collecting emails using SumoMe.

website traffic history

By collecting their emails, I would send them my best hand-picked summaries (more affiliate products).

Part 4: Promotion

Every day, I would spend ~1.5 hours writing the content piece, and another 90 minutes promoting it.

Here’s the exact promo checklist I used every single morning: 

Submit to StumbleUpon

2. Submit to Hacker News

3. Post to relevant Slack groups

website traffic numbers

4. Send post to 1 person via email

5. Tweet at input creator     

6. Buffer tweets

7. Check in on (or another community you’re a part of)

By doing this for 10–15 minutes a day, it adds up to over 5 hours a month, which makes your promotional efforts manageable on a daily basis, but the effects compound fast 

website traffic over time


Step 3: Publish every day until you hit your goal


Create content every single day. By doing so, eventually you’ll have several articles that start to rank high in google. Create a content creation structure so you publish at the same time everyday.

And that’s how I got 30,000 visits in 2 months using a content marketing strategy.

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